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Civilian Nuclear Programs

The Civilian Nuclear Programs Office (CNP) is the focal point for nuclear energy research and development and next-generation repository science at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The CNP office manages projects funded by the Department of Energy's Offices of Nuclear Energy, Civilian Radioactive Waste Management, and Environmental Management as well as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Meeting the civilian nuclear national security demands of the future and maintaining our economy while minimizing the climatic impacts of greenhouse gases will demand that the nation rebuild its civilian nuclear capabilities. Los Alamos is committed to using its advanced nuclear expertise and unique facilities to do just that. Los Alamos partners extensively with other laboratories, universities, industry, and the international nuclear community to address real-world technical challenges. To achieve its mission and better serve its sponsors, the Civilian Nuclear Program Office maintains the four program offices listed below. Visit each office's web page for more information about Los Alamos' civilian nuclear activities.

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